Saturday, 13 October 2018

Pembantu rumah indonesia terus dari indonesia

Kami ada menguruskan pembantu rumah muslimin dari indonesia untuk membantu para majikan muslim/islam sahaja khususnya untuk menjaga anak-anak dan orang tua.mereka juga boleh meringankan bebanan kerja rumah anda dan mengurus rumah tangga anda khususnya kepada mereka yg bekerja suami isteri.gaji bermula rm1000/sebulan.urusan permit kerja pembantu rumah juga, kami boleh uruskan.
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Wednesday, 26 September 2018

The advantage of being Malaysian Spouse

The advantage of being Malaysian Spouse.

In Malaysia, there are one highest ranking of VISA that can be obtained when someone married Citizen of called Spouse ViSA.with the spouse visa the carrier had some privillage to stay in Malaysia for long term stay and futher more can get permanent resident and also being Malaysian citizen when fullfill al the requirement.others privillage when your obtained Spause VISA:

1.Your can run your own business with minimum requirement stated by authority and not follow the international need to had capital rm500k or 1 million...

2.your can work easily without working permit or VISA.just need to do endorsement as Malaysian Spouse VISA holder...

3.Can study without applied any student VISA..

4.Can bring a father or mother to Malaysia for long term stay used long term visa for mother/father in law of malaysian.or if their aged more than 60s can apply for golden age VISA.

5.your children will entitle to get Malaysian citizen if fulfill the requirement..

But somehow to obtained a spouse visa and to get married with malaysian people..many requirement need to fullfill.if you do not had reference or people to guide you,you will be frustrated and facing un-nescesary obstacle.when your go to authorities many of them refused u because you will married to one of the local..that why if your facing this kind of issue or need someone to refer you can contact +6018-3584382(whatsapp/telegram/we chat).azman.( had a lot of experiance and also connection to resolve this issue.thank you.had a nice day.

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Panduan warganegara malaysia yang ingin berkahwin dengan warganegara asing (foreigner) 2018.

Perkahwinan di negara malaysia (dalam negara)

1.pastikan pasangan warga asing yg dinikahi hanya menggunakan sosial visit pass(pas lawatan sosial-melancong)/pas pelajar(student pass) atau pass penggajian(ekspartriat/dp10)shj...untuk pass lawatan kerja sementara(plks) perlu buat checkout memo(c.o.m) dan balik kenegara asal tanpa disenarai hitam(blacklist).

2.perlu mendapatkan surat akuan bujang dari kedutaan atau negara asal pemohon.

3.perlu disahkan dikedutaan masing2 terlebih dahulu.

4.perlu disahkan juga di wisma putra,kementerian luar negara.

5.setelah itu barulah memohon kebenaran berkahwin dari jabatan imigresen.

6.setelah selesai barulah ke jabatan agama dan teruskan proses pernikahan.

7.setelah memperolehi sijil rasmi dari jabatan agama barulah ke pejabat imigresen semula untuk mendaftar visa pasangan(spouse visa)-setelah selesai cooling off period.


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Malaysian immigration consultant 2018

Having problem regarding immigration or stay in malaysia?maybe we can provide your some soloution or guide for stay in malaysia.we also provide you with latest immigration rules and regulation updated.better to had to know right information than been cheated for a fish from a fish seller only rather than buy fish from vegetable seller.they are not us now before misslead to wrong action by wrong information that will lead to big problem in the +6018-3584382(whatsapp/telegram/we chat).azman.(

Friday, 13 July 2018

Malaysia travel,visa,work,study,resident and stay

Malaysia is a great country to visit and to had a good facility and accomodation for tourist and foreigner.Hot n warm weather gives an ideal enviroment to stay.A lot of business opportunities and rich with great food will make we feel very comfort.But most of the traveller does not had many information regarding immigration law in this country.many of them had been overstay and also had been blacklisted-banned from entering this country because lack of information/regulation we came with another wassap number that people can refer about rules or condition in malaysia so can guide them in order to follow the regulation and will avoid to offence the law.feel free to contact +6018-3584382(whatsapp/telegram/we chat).azman.(

Monday, 23 April 2018

Profesional visit Pass/VISA (PVP)

Profesional visit pass/visa is one of the pass that can be obtained from immigration department in ESD division.this visa had validity of 6month or had multiply entry visa that allow the holder of this pass can go in and out malaysia without limit for 6 or 12months.this visa also can be obtained by JP (jouney perform-already in malaysia) or out of malaysia (calling visa).for futher info can contact +6018-3584382(whatsapp/telegram/we chat).azman.(

Friday, 20 April 2018

Immigration coordinator 2018

When your visiting malaysian,your need to alert about immigration rules and regulation.if fail to follow the requirement you will facing some punishment and also blacklisted from entering malaysia.we as immigration consultant and coordinator will provide you with accurate information and latest prosedure to make sure your visit is sweet memories.we also had wide range of connection with the law enforcer like officer and lawyer to make sure we can serve u better.our wide expertise including:- extension
2.opening business in malaysia-director visa,employment pass,profesional visit pass,trainee pass,DP10,D11 etc..
3.Long term pass for staying-resident pass,mm2h,married visa etc.
4.we also had soloution if your overstay in malaysia.
5.we also provide channel to obtained foreign maid and foreign workers.
Feel free to contact +6018-3584382(whatsapp/telegram/we chat).azman.(